The Grid Challenge

Materials: Construction Paper, markers, 5-10 terms for the side of the page

Time: 10-15 minutes (depending on how many boxes you want students to complete)


  1. Divide the students into teams of 2-4 players.
  2. Ask each team to come up with a random letter of the alphabet and write those letters along the top of a grid on the board. The grid should already have your category terms written along the left side of the grid.
  3. Then have each team recreate the grid (or you could have this step be part of their timed challenge).
  4. Give the teams a certain number of minutes to complete as many boxes as possible. To complete a box the teams need to write a word or phrase that connects to the category on the left and starts with the letter at the top. For example:
States Kansas Texas Alabama Maine Nebraska

5. The group with the most boxes filled by the end wins. Sometimes teams need to get creative with their responses to make them work. You get to be the official judge and decide if a response counts our not.


Download a .pdf cheat sheet of The Grid Challenge


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