Help support my students…

When I was in elementary school I used to love getting book orders. I would spend hours poring over the selections, circling books I might want, and crossing out books that looked boring. Sometimes my parents would buy me one of these books, and there is nothing quite like the experience of getting a new book. The crisp pages, the glossy cover, even the smell of a new book is different. When that book is yours forever you treat it differently. You treasure it a little more and want to read every word on the page.
At my school we do an amazing job of helping support the needs of all of our students. We help locate affordable dental and optometry care. We’ve come together as a staff to provide furniture to families who got their first home and needed a leg up. We also send home backpacks with food for students who may have limited resources at home. However, many kids have never experienced the joy of a new book.
My goal this year is to get a new book for each student that may not have an opportunity to purchase a new book on his or her own. My goal is to get at least 40 books for the students to choose from at the end of the year. Hopefully this will be a program that will continue on for years to come.
Through points from Scholastic book orders and books I’ve personally purchased we have 12 books. It’s a great start to our goal. If you would like to purchase a book to donate to this project please choose one of the options below:

  1. Amazon:
    • Look through the list and find a great book to donate to the class
    • Add the book to your cart and complete the purchase
    • The book will be shipped directly to my class
  1. Scholastic Book Order:
  • Click the parent section
  • Click “connect to your teacher”
  • Enter the code: NNNML
  • Click “see our wish list”
  • Choose a great book to donate to the class
  • Some people who have tried this were asked to type in the name of the child.  You can put “Donated Book” as the name and it should work or you can make up a fake name.  Harry Potter might be a good choice.  🙂

Thank you for enriching the lives of our students, one book at a time.