Thankful November…

It’s that time of year again. The dreaded Halloween sugar coma is starting to wear off, the kids are finally turning back into the humans I know and love, and the leaves are starting to change colors.

I love the fall. I love hooded sweatshirts and the firepit in the backyard. I love cool evening walks and playing in leaf piles with my kids. Most of all I love hot coffee on cool mornings sitting on the back patio while my kids enjoy some fresh air.

We’ve finished up the first quarter, so November is a great time to reflect on the things in my life that I’m grateful for. I’ve been blessed with a great family, friends and career. This month I’ll be expressing my gratitude in a couple of ways:

  1. This will be my 2nd year participating in #gratitudesnaps. Each day I take a picture of something I’m grateful for, along with an explanation of why I’m grateful. I love that it forces me to stop my hectic schedule and notice those little moments going on around me. Sometimes it’s something as simple as noticing something special one of my kids does around the house. Other times I take a moment to appreciate one of the little things that makes my life easier.
  2. This year I’m honored/thrilled to participate in a blog exchange. Each day I’ll be posting guest blogs around the theme of Gratitude. I’m truly honored to be included on the list and can’t wait to help share others’ writing with new audiences. It’ll be a fun way to collaborate and connect.
  3. For the third year in a row I’m kicking off Tweet Ups.  TweetUps are little slips of blue paper meant to look like a Tweet that students use to write positive messages to each other. They are a chance for students to put some positivity in the world, tell their classmates why they rock, and tell them they aren’t going unnoticed. For more info on Tweet Ups check out my blog post:

It’s going to be a great November. I’m grateful for all of you!

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